The Good Token Society DAO


The Good Token Society DAO is an independent community from our Association (i.e. The Good Token Society).

The Good Token Society DAO is a community of like-minded participants who wish to federate in a Web3 fashion under one voice.

The goal of the DAO is to take decisions and support our regional blockchain ecosystem. 


The Token

The Good Token Society token (TGTS) has the following characteristics

Utilities of the TGTS

The TGTS has the following utilities

  • Voting either by delegation of the Association or at the DAO level on Aragon (gTGTS)
  • Receive random Airdrops from the Community & Partners
  • Any other utilities the Community sees fit! 

The TGTS serves as an informal decision tool that may serve various purposes.

For instance, pools of opinions for bringing support to any ideas (e.g. Should the Banks adopt blockchain?), or statements taken by the Association, (e.g. what NFT artist deserves to be supported?).

Further, tokens holders may benefit from other advantages from the local stakeholders.

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The Discord

Link of the Discord server can be found here : Link


Link of the DAO on Aragon can be found here : Link

Wrap your TGTS

1. Connect on Aragon


2. Join the DAO

3. Wrap your TGTS into gTGTS

Acquire TGTS

How can I acquire tokens?

There are several ways of acquiring the TGTS

1) Becoming a member of the Good Token Society

2) Wait for Airdrops

3) Purchase the token

4) Attend our events

The Good Token Society 

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