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a future-positive association

The Good Token Society aims to create a trustworthy, responsible, and collaborative ecosystem in Geneva and the region.

As technology changes the world, we embrace it and change.

Web3 is not only a new foundational layer of the world wide web, but also a fundamentally new approach to data ownership, user privacy, corporate governance, value creation or stakeholder participation. Web3 presents an opportunity where people are not merely products or beneficiaries of technology-powered business models but builders and owners of digitally unique assets. Companies and institutions who embrace blockchain opportunity will advance their competitiveness and help shape an always-on, economically future.

The Good Token Society narrative focuses on inspiring changes. The point is people. Like every iteration of the web, the promise of web3 lies in what we decide to do differently together to move forward.  As technology continues to advance, it is becoming much more nuanced and engrained in the everyday and impacting many fields. Now is the right time to adopt a test-and-learn mindset, to be open to experiment in the web3 ecosystem, and to move on quickly from failure and capitalize on success.

That is why we must define how we use decentralized technologies to create new asset classes and productive, collaborative communities, and platforms that turn users and consumers into stakeholders and owners.

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