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The Good Token Society is a non-profit association based in Geneva dedicated to promote, federate and represent web3 companies building token-based innovations that have positive and real-world applications

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Our goals

Community building & Collaborations, working by and for our members

The Good Token Society serves as a platform for individuals or organizations providing opportunities to connect, exchange ideas, build professional relationships through meetings, breakfast, AMA Session, round tables, and conferences.

We aim to create an efficient and collaborative web3 ecosystem, working towards the emergence and influence of local leaders. From collective intelligence to enhanced expertise, it is about bringing together all the necessary skills needed to lead a project from A to Z.

Advocacy & Representation, the imperative of a united voice

The Good Token Society supports the interests and needs of its members and is engaged in lobbying activities for favourable regulatory environment, or policy discussions to address industry-specific challenges and drive positive change within the ecosystem.

We aim to create an environment conducive to growth and innovation and enable the emergence of our next leaders. We promote the important expertise available in the region and make  individuals and organizations voices heard.

Standards & Regulation

The Good Token Society brings together a team of experts working on ethical guidelines, code of conduct and best practices to promote professionalism, trust and integrity within the ecosystem.

It is about defining the “why” of technology, imaging web3’s trajectory by building standards, concepts, and regulation around user relationships, those between companies and assets and people, and also between people and communities.

We operate as a desk for information and knowledge transfer about recent technological advancements, market dynamics, regulatory changes and societal challenges. 

Education & Awareness

Education is one of The Good Token Society’s main missions. We are engaged in public outreach efforts about the potential of decentralized systems, blockchain, and distributed applications. We organize appropriate events and one-day formation for a better understanding of technologies, and their opportunities.

Web3 is empowering trillions, and we are only nearing the starting line. We give professionals the knowledge and tools they need to benefit from the latest trends and the opportunity to explore real-world applications of blockchain tech. Our goal is to generate ideas and drive them forward so that they turn into projects or start-ups.

We can reimagine every industry

Web3 is a fundamentally new approach to data ownership, user privacy, corporate governance, value creation or stakeholder participation.

Companies and institutions who embrace blockchain opportunity will advance their competitiveness and help shape an always-on, economically future.

The Good Token Society narrative focuses on inspiring changes. Now is the right time to adopt a test-and-learn mindset, to be open to experiment in the web3 ecosystem, and to move on quickly from failure and capitalize on success.

We want to break down silos without breaking bad

We encourage cross-field connections and ventures to stimulate the web3 industry as the next job-creating economy 

The next step is all about connecting the dots and expanding on these ideas. Join us!

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