The Good Token Conference

On July 4, 2023 at the MamCo Geneva, The Good Token Society organized a one-day conferences for inspiration, networking, and knowledge-sharing. 

As blockchain and tokenization continue to advance, the way we think about this emerging technology is becoming much more nuanced and engrained in the everyday. At the intersection of technology, social impact, and community-driven initiatives, The Good Token Conferences are dedicated to create and sustain a responsible ecosystem in Geneva and the region, by supporting the creation of a framework that promotes sustainable innovation, responsible governance, creator economy, user protection, financial education, ethical practices and market integrity.

👉 Focus on the latest industry trends and emerging technologies that are reshaping our field.
👉 Networking with experts, and visionaries who are driving innovation and paving the way for the future.
👉 Valuable insights and practical strategies

Panel 1: The Good Tokenomics
Speakers: Shaban Shaame, CEO of EverdreamSoft | Sabrina Boudefar, Founder of Noma | Chris Thomas, Partner of Lake Capital
Moderator: Géraldine Monchau-Richard, Senior Manager CriptoniteValuable insights and practical strategies

Panel 2: The Good Law
Speakers: Yaniv Benhamou, Associate Professor at Digital Law Center | Fabien Aepli, Attorney at Mangeat | Merens Derungs, Co-Founder of Arcton
Moderator: Gabriel Jaccard, CEO of Arbitri 

Panel 3: Geneva and the digital transformation
Speakers: Vincent Subilia, Director of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services | Emmanuel de Wattewille, Head of Financing Program at Fongit | Emmanuel Cuenod, Director of Pôle de Création Numérique
Moderator: Emilie-Alice Fabrizi, Advisor 

Panel 4: The next Creative Economy
Speakers: Camille Merré, Founder of CMJ | John Villat, Founder and Managing Director of Senary | Antoine Sarraute, Co-Founder and CEO of Wakweli
Moderator: Emilie-Alice Fabrizi, Advisor 

Panel 5: Token For Good
Speakers: Elodie Jallet, Founder of We Are Digital Collective | Mario Stephan, Senior Philanthropy Advisor at Doctors Without Borders | Chris Fabian, Co-Founder of Giga
Moderator: Christoph J. Ebell, Founder and CEO of Nomica

From our speakers

Mario Stephan, MSF: “Anchoring Geneva on the Web3 map is important for an organisation like ours, in line with our anchoring in the Geneve Internationale”

Shaban Shaame, EverdreamSoft: “The Good Token Society will play a crucial role in fostering collaboration among local industry participants, creating movement, and driving innovation. It provides a platform for knowledge exchange and collective action, positioning Geneva as a hub for blockchain expertise”. 

Géraldine Monchau-Richard, Criptonite: “If you’re still calling blockchain a bubble or a fad, maybe now is the time to ask why you’ve been wrong so far. The time to ask questions with an open mind is running out 

Emmanuel Cuénod, Pôle de Création Numérique: “Le web3 offre des perspectives prometteuses pour la rémunération des créateurs et créatrices numériques suisses et le financement de leurs oeuvres. Le Pôle de création numérique suivra avec attention les développements dans ce domaine”

Vincent Subilia, CCIG: “Genève concentre tous les ingrédients pour s’imposer comme fer de lance de la révolution que génère le Web3. Il importe d’accompagner cette créativité, en facilitant davantage encore la vie des entrepreneurs, créateurs des emplois de demain; la CCIG s’y emploie, avec conviction et détermination”

Emmanuel de Watteville, Fongit: “Le Web3 change nos vies : la Fongit comme à son habitude se tient au côté des entrepreneurs en mettant à leur disposition financement, accompagnement et bureaux”

Camille Merré, Camille Louise Jewellery:”At Camille Louise Jewellery, we envision jewellery ownership propelled by Web3, as medium for creating impact, fostering education & diversity, expressing oneself in the phygital world. As a Swiss brand, we strongly believe the eco-system is flourishing and will benefit from it internationally.

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