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The online session will be held in French Web3, or the internet of ownership, is poised to revolutionize many fields. Blockchain technology opens the way to new possibilities for investment and value creation. But what exactly is blockchain? How does this ecosystem work? How to “get in”? What are its applications? A la carte or complete, our learning session offers 5 online modules. It aims to give participants the necessary knowledge and a solid understanding allowing them to analyze the future challenges that increasing tokenization will undoubtedly present and will be able to analyze different situations by understanding the technological underlyings.




MODULE 1 – May 29, 2024 – 19h – 20h  A new paradigm. Introduction to the blockchain and web3 with Valentin Quelquejay, Consensus Diligence MODULE 2 – June 5, 2024 – 19h – 20h Install your wallet. Protect your key. Discover CEXs and DEXs with Sébastien Armleder, CEO of Cryptnox MODULE 3 June 12, 2024 – 19h – 20h The new governance. Decrypt the DAOs With Shaban Shaame, CEO of EverdreamSoft MODULE 4 – June 19 2024 – 19h – 20h The new digital assets. Understand the DeFi and the tokens (utility, security, NFTs) with Gabriel Jaccard, CEO of Arbitri  MODULE 5 – June 26, 2024 – 19h – 20h  Cybersecurity. How to prevent scam with Christophe Lebrun, data scientist at HESG


The training is targeted all audiences and from all backgrounds. Whether you are a technology enthusiast, entrepreneur or investor, understanding blockchain is essential to seizing the opportunities it offers in the ever-changing digital world. We want to give the keys to this technological transformation to professionals in traditional finance, but also to entrepreneurs and individuals who wish to benefit from the advent of the Internet of Ownership or Web3.


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